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Why windsurfing in Brenzone: the wind

The essential condition to windsurfing is the wind. On Lake Garda we have two dominant winds: the Peler and the Ora. In Brenzone, near Malcesine, the wind blows from the North in the early morning hours, then around 11 AM the wind slowly changes to the thermic south wind Ora. 

Here you find the perfect wind for beginners and for people who want windsurfing at Lake Garda safely. Our school is located on the East shore of Lake Garda where the wind mostly blows side shore and shows the best conditions for windsurfing lovers and windsurfing holidays.


Our Lake Garda windsurfing rental and courses

We offer courses for all age groups starting from the age of 7.
For those who would like to give this sport a first try we offer test lessons. As well, we offer one-, three- or five-day group lessons (maximum 7 people) and private lessons.
The lessons start with a land unit – theory and simulator – to guarantee the fundamental knowledge and the best security. Then courses continue with practical units on the water.
Wetsuit and life jacket are included. We offer an extra windsurfing rental in our school, otherwise athletes can bring their personal equipment with.
Lessons start only with good weather and wind conditions, but fun is guaranteed!

Course prices

Test lesson

1 hour


Group lessons

2 hours


3 days


5 days
+ second person 10% discount


Private lessons

1 hour,
1 person


1 hour,
2 people


per person


The BeeSurf school is located in Castelletto di Brenzone on the idyllic Lake Garda, right next to the BeeKite school. We have direct access to the beach in front of Hotel Taki Village and it is easily reachable by bike or car.
Windsurfing courses are available from april to october, depending on season conditions.
A Lake Garda windsurfing rental is available at our school, very simply and convenient for beginners and who is having holidays in Malcesine and Lake Garda. 

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